Thursday, December 24, 2015

He must have died while carving it.

Greetings and salutations,

I am alive and am currently not sick. I went to work day, but I so have tomorrow off so that's nice. Nothing planed for Xmas, Danielle is sick and I have to work the day after so doing a long commute to a gathering isn't really in the cards. I'm still re-writing my novel. Very conflicted over 3rd person Omniscient narration and limited 3rd person narration. I work a half day Sunday... Basically this is my schedule at the moment;

Work December 24th.
Dec 25th and 26th OFF.
Work 1/2 day December 27th.
Work December 28th - December 30th.
December 31st - January 3rd OFF.

I have plans to meet with my friends John and Chase to see Star Wars and test out John's new Gear VR on the evening of the December 27th and to meet with my friend Keith on January 2nd to play some D&D with a mystery group of people. Outside of that, my schedule should be fairly clear.

My current goals remain the same;
  1. Finish re-writing my novel, run it past Danielle, if she approves it, I will publish it on Kindle, 
  2. Finish Defend the Earth. 
  3. Re-code game website. 
  4. finish C# course. 
  5. Finish Escape for the Salad Kingdom, once Danielle is over the flu. 
Nate and John are both talking about getting Dungeons running on Linux/Mac using some new binary compiler, sounds very exciting :) Better late than never as they say.

Outside of this? I'd love to do a game jam, or something. I've been wanting to attempt a short 3D game for some time now. But yeah as you can see my plate is kind of full. Re-writing a 35,000+ word story isn't something that is done quickly... Or maybe I just suck at it? lol... Ah well. Hope you all are having a good holiday, whatever you believe in. I will be spending Xmas with my cats.

William, Danielle, Nerbyl, Mochi, Spike and Petra.

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