Friday, April 10, 2015

Good evening Gentlemen

Being a man of adventure and opinion I of course want to express myself.  As a result I often get into debates on my Facebook page, much to the dismay of my friends and family.  So I have decided to stop posting my opinions, complaints, politics, etc. on FaceBook and instead started this blog.  In addition I'd like to keep a public journal of my goings on as a Videographer, Tech Contractor and Game Designer.  Facebook has devolved away from actually posting what's going on in your life (ie an open digital journal) and is now more about liking photos of people's babies, cats and sharing memes.  So this blog will  be functioning as a journal too.

So Who Am I?
Game designer, director, writer, scientist, visionary; these are the terms I wish I could use to describe myself.  Graduating into a down-turned market left me pushing grocery carts with a Bachelors Degree.  Now, another degree later and in my thirties, my employment situation hasn’t improved much.  Throughout my college experience, I wrote a large number of screenplays that have taken to collecting dust upon a shelf.  In a desperate move to feel some sort of accomplishment in my life, I have taken to adapting these works into a series of novels and video-games.  Will this bring me success?  Riches?  A sense of self worth?  Probably not, but only time will tell.

So who would want to read this? 
I have no idea, I'm writing this for myself more than anyone.  Maybe someone who likes to read about the process of Game Design, the art of special effects in movies, screen writing,  sculpting miniatures, making pen and paper Role-playing games? is essentially my digital thought board.  I will be documenting the progress of my various projects, which will hopefully include my upcoming Ludum Dare solo mission on the 17th.  I am also taking online classes through Udemy to advance my Tech certification as well as familiarize myself with a variety of game engines / build up my programming skills.

Oh and my name is William.