Friday, March 11, 2016

The Microsoft Shuffle.

Well, I was told last week I was getting my own private office, very excited.  Then this monday I was given three weeks notice.  We just merged with another team, and it pushed our head count to high, so seniority rules.  Understandable, but now I'm stuck job  hunting again.

Been working through a web app development course, got inspired to make a web app / universal app for the Windows phone due to their barren marketplace.  I will be sure to share the beta here, once I have it live on my site.

I also registered a trademark for it ;)  I'll share it, along with the site and our logo at the same time.  I've never filed a Federal trademark before, always relied on the cheaper State ones prior, didn't know I was lose my job at the time, but I did score a sweet URL and an even sweeter Trademark name,  thanks to Danielle's wonderful suggestions!

Anyway, more coming soon-ish.  Just wanted up date this thing, since it's been neglected for a while.